Red Lantern Corps

Thought Process: The Red Lanterns expand on the Wound grief their leader brings to the table.¬†They can also cause additional grief. Zilius Zox needs to be fought without any range cards, unless you want to dump some cards. Skallox is pretty simple. Admittedly I’m sure I grabbed the design from another card, but I’m drawing… Read More Red Lantern Corps


Thought Process: How best to represent the Red Lantern Corps and their leader? Wounds just seemed the most obvious play and they come in spades between Atrocitus and his Corps. You want to be healing when fighting this guy, as you can see by his special. And yet, if you don’t have very many Wounds,… Read More Atrocitus


Thought Process: I didn’t want Sinestro to be weak by any stretch of the imagination. Obviously he’s going to lead his Corps and the Master Strike could be very annoying, or early on could have zero effect. Meanwhile, Burn Like My Power is the “hey, the Villain is nice” card. So of course if he’s… Read More Sinestro