Thought Process: Yeah, “Lou” here is probably the toughest Mastermind I’ve come up with. But then, he’s the devil so it’s certainly what I was trying for. Right off the bat you can see his attack can go as low as 8, but it can also go as high as 24! Best not let any… Read More Lucifer

Ric Flair

Thought Process: Master Strike discard down to 4…Four Horsemen…yeah, you get it. Stylin & Profilin obviously riffs on the “4” theme as well. Dirtiest Player In The Game was aimed at being just that. “Oh you beat me? Take this!”


Thought Process: The definitive villain of ECW, we have to get hardcore. Lots of blood, so lots of Wounds. I shudder to think if The Flock is in play on each strike. What About Me makes a bigger deal out of Raven, in that he becomes harder to defeat. He was also almost a cult… Read More Raven