Shadowy Predator Henchmen

Thoughts: Just a couple of straight forward ideas on two groups I would love to do as more than Henchmen, but it’s not all that practical. Predator X gets stronger with an X-Men heavy HQ, while Shadow Council will likely cause grief in the early stages of a game.

Ghost Rider

Thought Process: This one was hard to not be a fanboy as he’s my favourite Marvel character by far.  I wanted Danny to be all about innocence and revenge. So his two Commons greatly reflected that as one version allows you to rescue a Bystander and the other was a mechanic I wanted to try,… Read More Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze

Thought Process: So I wanted Johnny to be a far cry from his Dark City counterpart. Whenever you can make the same character not play the exact same, I’m all for it. What ended up happening instead is Johnny playing like three different characters thanks to everything but his rare. The Strength common is literally… Read More Johnny Blaze

Hannibal King

Thought Process: Hannibal is immune to disease and poison, so the first card is pretty self-explanatory. Given that he is a detective, it only made sense to borrow Luke Cage Noir’s Common. A Form That Suits gives him one of each and then Versatile represents the fact he can change into mist, a werewolf, vampire,… Read More Hannibal King

Frank Drake

Thought Process: So I honestly believe basic cards still have their place in the game. A simple 2 recruit works for Frank without duplicating Hannibal King in that regard…while Good With A Gun is just a straightforward attack card that gets a boost if you have another one. Frank’s rare is not a misprint. I… Read More Frank Drake