Thought Process: Yeah, “Lou” here is probably the toughest Mastermind I’ve come up with. But then, he’s the devil so it’s certainly what I was trying for. Right off the bat you can see his attack can go as low as 8, but it can also go as high as 24! Best not let any… Read More Lucifer

The Lilin

Thought Process: Blackout came about pretty quickly. Since his powers allow him to create darkness I thought having to recruit heroes blindly was a good representation. Pilgrim weakens your hand slightly, while Skinner literally skins a card off your Victory Pile. To me it was important that they all had the Ambush feature as well,… Read More The Lilin


Thought Process: Since he was “created” by Dr. Strange and is very Astral in nature, it made sense that he can’t always be wounded (which is where the Uncommon comes into play). Otherwise his cards are pretty basic but his Rare rewards you for scooping them up.

Ghost Rider

Thought Process: This one was hard to not be a fanboy as he’s my favourite Marvel character by far.  I wanted Danny to be all about innocence and revenge. So his two Commons greatly reflected that as one version allows you to rescue a Bystander and the other was a mechanic I wanted to try,… Read More Ghost Rider