Cancerverse Villains

mastermind_LordMar-Vell_Lord Mar-Vell_1
I wanted the Cancerverse to cause a lot of headaches and spread Cancer (Wounds) as much as possible. So Mar-Vell’s Master Strike does that well and encourages you to actually hang on to your SHIELD cards.

So you can see the Wounds starting to play a more integral role as you fight Mar-Vell. Avatar of life actually helps you get rid of the Wounds you’ve accumulated and give you a nice little bonus for doing so. Escaped Cancer…not so much. I also liked the Feast mechanic of Carnage and am surprised we’ve not seen more of it. So Mar-Vell gets it for a card and his minions, well see for yourself.

If you’ve ever played any of the Arkham Horror series you know how hard that game can be to win. Well, I figured the Revengers were my best opportunity to represent that feeling -particularly since they’re directly influenced by the Many Angled Ones. All Ambush and all have the potential to Feast on players. These are villains who are going to cause you a lot of grief. You can only hope their Feasting takes care of the Wounds you’re going to be accumulating courtesy of the Cancerverse as a whole.


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