Expansion: Injustice, Gods Among Us

After reading Injustice Years One to Five, I got the idea to make this small set. It was a chance to have some characters in a completely different way, unique to the One Earth universe.

I needed the two Strength cards for Alfred. His rare was a no-brainer and I like the idea of his common being the strength of his character. The other two help him recruit more to the regime, as a rough extension of Batman. I like the Investigate mechanic, and it seemed a good fit for Alfred’s other common.

I wanted Barbara to bring a variety to your deck. She’s mostly recruit, which I think fits. Her Range common is one of only two Range cards in the set, so it pushes you to want to get more. Wall-crawl very much suits her tactics, as does giving her uncommon Versatile. As for her rare, I feel like it nailed exactly what Oracle is like. I’m verry happy with it.

I couldn’t make Batman as powerful as I would normally consider him to be. In Injustice, he lost. A lot. So I went with the idea that he needs help to win this fight.  That’s why he has the mechanic of drawing extra cards and then the rare potentially triggering off of it. But, he still had to have one card to help against the Mastermind and the uncommon gives that little extra nudge.

Ms. Kane here was a tough one. She needed to be mostly attack, because that’s what she did in the comic. The rare represents her having the chance to kill Wonder Woman and choosing not to. The card could be really good, or average, depending on the Mastermind you face. I also think the element of surprise translated well onto the card.

If there was one Hero I thought I nailed down, it would be Selina. I think all the cards suit her and feel right. Her rare is one of the most powerful moments in the entire series and I think I came as close as possible to not making it too powerful.

Yes, the rare was made entirely from that picture. It was too great not to use. Otherwise here, Harley isn’t too funky or unique. She’s funny in the book, but not as crazy as we’re used to (ok, save for the rare).

Between Batman, Catwoman, Batwoman, Batgirl, and Huntress you have several very familiar characters and it was hard not to nearly replicate their mechanics. Huntress’ common brings the only other Range card in the set, while I used the Rare to represent her death as an inspiration of sorts. Her uncommon could bring a significant circumstantial bonus but is otherwise a pretty simply card with a high attack.

henchmen_RegimeSoldiers_Regime Soldiers_1

Honestly, the set needed a Henchman, even if these guys didn’t amount to much in the comics. As such, there was no unique stuff here, just a simple re-skin as it were.

mastermind_Superman_High Councillor_1

The storyline is where Superman completely snaps and no longer holds back. In five years he still wasn’t defeated. That’s with Batman as the main adversary, too. So he needed to be hard. And I think he is. Much like Clark in the comic, I didn’t try to hold back in this design. I realize “This Is Protection” could really hurt your chances, but I wanted Superman to be my Arkham: there’s a good chance you’ll lose, but it will feel so good when you win.

These guys were each designed based on their character in the comics…short of making Wonder Woman a Mastermind in her own right. Cyborg was written very well and a huge piece of the Regime. He was the eyes and ears. Damian, obnoxious as he is, shows the skills of being Bruce’s son, while Hal Jordan plays a big (inadvertant) part in the fall of the Green Lanterns – particularly Guy Gardner.

Raven’s main role in the whole story arc was to prevent the footage of Superman’s genocide from being seen by the world. So, she stopped Bruce from his main attack at that time, and thus her power fits. Shazam is powerful, but slowly sees the error of his ways, so his assault on the HQ is somewhat pacified in nature. He’s still a beast to bring down. Wonder Woman is even more so. There’s a lot I could have done with this version of Diana, but I went with the simple approach.


Creating Gods for a card game that isn’t about Gods is a might tricky thing. In this case, I went from strong attacks and annoying abilities for the most part. Hera takes out one of her own (representing Artemis), which could be a big help depending on what the board looks like at the time. Eros is the tough one if you decide to play this expansion exclusively, as there are only two Hero cards that can help fight him. And all the Gods are a pain if Zeus is in the City and you can’t bring him down.

Like what you see in the set? Grab the file here (Legedit required).


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